A Cultural policy for Algeria by the civil society ready now !
Posté par alger-culture le February 05 2013 12:05:36
Two years ago, the project of the conception a cultural policy for Algeria by the civil society was a dream. Today, the project is ready!
The Working Group on Algerian Cultural Policy (WGACP) present yesterday 3 February 2013 the project of cultural policy in Algeria. It consists of 14 chapters and about 40 pages, which was made after two of big efforts and many concentrations between a hundred of cultural activists in Algeria.
Intense, the debate which was engaged after the presentation of the project “4th meeting on the Algerian Cultural Policy”, gave the possibility to decide on what will be the future of this initiative. It was also a good occasion, for Dr Ammar Kessab, Habiba Laloui and Samy Abdelguerfi, members of WGACP, to explain again what “cultural policy” is, and why it’s very important for Algeria, a country which has the biggest budget for cultural sector in Africa and the Arab region (about $ 500 million in 2012).

The next step will be the dissemination of this project locally and regionally. At the local level, the WGACP will collect the feedbacks of the citizens, to enhance the “citizenship” dimension of the project. At the regional level, it’s very important to share this new cultural policy with the North African countries, African and the Arab countries: Algeria is the first country in this region to have a cultural policy by the civil society.

To read the project of the Algerian Cultural Policy (only in Arabic and French, English version very soon), click here:

In Arabic : مشروع السياسة الثقافيّة للجزائر (PDF)

In French : Projet de Politique Culturelle de l'Algérie (PDF)